Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You make me angau. :)

Tidak terungkap the way i feel for you oh sayang
With just a smile, u get me high i don't know why,
Apa you buat, sampai i fall so deeply for you,
Its crazy i know, how things kept pushing me to you.

I know it's corny and a little cliche, but its what u do to me,
U really make me lose control,
The look in your eyes make me weak on my knees,
But im not afraid cause i know that youll always be there to hold me when i fall.

You caught me off guard, sayang i cant stop once i've started 
You have breached into my strongest defences
You pulled me out of the glum while i was sinking
I was a mess and immensely depressed, until you came to me

You have brought, the shy and giggly blushing gedik little girl out of me,
The side i thought was gone forever,
And bila i think of you, i cant help but type in sappy smiley faces and i almost want to laugh in acronyms (which makes me sick btw)

You took me in, you did your very best
Knowing i was holding back out of fear
Built up by jerks who came before you
And that's when i knew that no one will ever understand me the way that you do,

You are the best i ever had.

p/s : i know you love me. :)

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