Sunday, March 16, 2014

Self Obsession Syndrom


Hell yeah it's been months now since I last wrote in this blog. My last post was on August 2013. I've forgotten what is the reason that made me stopped writing here. Maybe it's because I'm too busy. Or is it because I got Twitter so I'm pouring everything on it?

Okay back to the tittle, do you have that self obsession syndrom in yourself? I googled about it but all that that came out was about this self centered and self absorbed.

No, I'm not self centered or self absorbed. In my case here is I'm obsessing about being perfect here and there. I want perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect hair and perfect body.

I just love myself too much that I would anything and everything to have myself looked better. 

I'm dying to have the perfect skin!

Could someone tell me what kind of product that I can use to achieve the perfect skin?

Boleh tak siapa siapa bagitahu saya produk apa yang saya boleh guna untuk dapatkan kulit yang sempurna? Tanpa cela dan sebagainya?


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